Anaimo AI assistant

Create and publish, in minutes, your own intelligentmultilingualfully customized chat assistant.
Request us, or use its API, to integrate it all with your other systems: ERP, CRM, MES, etc.

Do you want to see a use case? Our website uses the Anaimo AI Assistant wp plugin, you just have to click on the icon in the lower right corner.


Get ahead of your competitors

The vast majority of business processes will be automated, improved or adapted. Contact us today, start benefiting and don’t stay behind your competition.

Automate and adapt easily

Automate your processes, easier and faster than ever, adapting them to your customers natural languages, instead of forcing your customers to adapt.


Get your own AI Assistant

Anaimo can provide cloud Chat (GPT, BERT, etc.), or protect your data and competitive advantage with your own private  AI Assistant.

Anaimo AI Solutions


Solve any challenge with AI.                                                                        


Optimized for parallelism and High-Performance Computing (HPC).


Available for Windows, Linux, CPUs, GPUs, and, potentially, any O.S. and device, when using the Anaimo AI SDK.


Available for Python, C, C++, C#, VB.NET and more, when using the Anaimo AI SDK.

Cloud / Premise

On premise and on cloud learning, even with “few-shots” and in real-time.


Continuous and direct support until the success of each challenge.