Asistente virtual
con Inteligencia Artificial

Resuelve cualquier reto y automatiza procesos con los exclusivos empleados virtuales con IA de Anaimo.

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Artificial Intelligence to turn challenges into benefits

AI Assistant, Forecasting, Vision and more. Powerful, flexible and technology-independent AI solutions in the cloud or at the edge, with Anaimo's AI SDK or open source.

Vision with AI

Capture, process, learn, and classify images in real time, without prior training or human intervention.

What is Anaimo?

The name Anaimo comes from the fusion of the acronym AI, for Artificial Intelligence, with the Latin word Animus meaning ``the mind, in a variety of meanings: the rational soul in a person, intellect, conscience, will, intention, courage, spirit, sensitivity, feeling, passion, pride, vehemence, anger, life and soul``.

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