About Anaimo AI

The name Anaimo comes from the fusion of the acronym AI, for Artificial Intelligence, with the Latin word Animus, which means ``the mind, in a wide variety of meanings: the rational soul in a person, the intellect, conscience, will, intention, courage, spirit, sensibility, feeling, passion, pride, vehemence, anger, life and soul.


Building on the experience in developing Machine Learning and neural networks since 2007 for Tier 1 customers in different countries, Anaimo built powerful AI solutions with the Anaimo AI SDK, which is cross-platform and facilitates the development of AI solutions.


Anaimo helps companies and professionals to successfully use or develop AI solutions using Anaimo's AI SDK, open source and third-party tools. Anaimo's AI SDK is today, in certain domains, comparable to any other leading AI SDK.


Anaimo's AI solutions will be widely used. Anaimo's AI SDK will be comparable to any other leading AI SDK in all domains.

Our team

David Tronchoni

CEO of edinn

David’s academic career began at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in 1989 with a degree in Computer Science, and he furthered his studies with ESTEMA’s Executive MBA, MIT’s EDP in Entrepreneurship, and a long list of executive courses.

He has extensive experience in programming, consulting and management, having worked as a programmer for Bankia, has been a consultant at Accenture, has acted as a manager for Barclays and Everis and has been CEO of JMM. He founded edinn in 2004, where he pioneered neural networks in 2007 and has been CEO ever since.

Xenxo Vidal

Strategy Consultant / PhD Universitat de Barcelona

Xenxo is a mathematician and actuary, and is currently working on his PhD.

He has worked with large insurance companies, developing and implementing Machine Learning models, as well as consulting for external companies, helping them on a wide range of topics, from programming languages and forecast modelling to data strategy plans. He teaches at the University of Barcelona while doing research in the field of quantitative risk modelling and asset pricing.

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Fernando Lacaba

Managing Director of JobMaps.Careers and Chairman of the edinn Advisory Board

For the first 15 years of his career he worked as a professional in large companies. For the last 12 years he has been involved in the development of large companies almost from the beginning and has been able to work as an intrapreneur within the companies. He has now become an entrepreneur himself, and is trying to start several projects by participating in the creation of different companies.

Miguel Ángel Cazorla

University Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

Computer Engineer and PhD from the University of Alicante. As a senior member of the IEEE, he has contributed significantly to computer vision research, with more than 60 indexed papers and numerous conference presentations. His work spans several areas, including robotics and deep learning. He has supervised numerous doctoral theses, led national projects and collaborated with industry, showing his dedication to the advancement of technology for the benefit of society.

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