Reduce costs by avoiding failuresproblemsbreakdowns which will be notified before they occur. For more information visit the service provider*.

Notify in advance

Sends notifications of certain faults, before they occur, so that they can be avoided. A single button allows to check the success rate of predictions.

Avoid failures

Avoids up to 8% of all failures: according to tests performed with data of real users.

Minimum maintenance

Automatic self-training.

Why users select the Anaimo AI SDK?


Powerful to solve any problem with AI.


Optimized for parallelism and High-performance computing (HPC).


Does not depend on any other technology or framework, as it is just a C library.

Multiple Processors

Available for Intel and AMD CPUs and, potentially, for any other processor (CPU, GPU, NPU, etc.).                                                               


Available for Python, C, C++, C#, VB.NET and more.

Cloud / Premise

Trains models on premise or on cloud.                                               

Multiple OS

Available for Windows, Linux, and, potentially, any other O.S.                              


Manufacturer provides continuous and direct support, even to SMEs, until the success of each specific challenge, improving the SDK if necessary.

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