Forecast predicts salesstocksdemandany data

Anaimo AI (Artificial Intelligence) Forecast application predicts the following values from any time series data table.

KNOW what will happen in real time

First create an account, and then follow these simple steps

Upload your data set
Let the AI do its job
Get results in real time

Optimized forecasts

You will have a highly optimized forecast because Anaimo AI  explores all the possibilities until it meets the objectives you set with AutoML.


Enter any excel data file (CSV format), no matter the number of rows or the number of columns. You select which columns you want to be taken into account.

Go as far as you need and want

No problem is complex or difficult enough with up to 6TB of RAM and 448 CPU cores. But don´t worry, you only pay for what you use and as long as you use it*. 

Anaimo AI Platform Features

Proprietary neural network

Dynamic memory usage, multitasking and optimized for the hardware where it runs.

Problems solved faster & better (AUToml & mlops)

Applications can focus only on the problem to be solved because the Anaimo AI platform takes care of everything else.

In the cloud or on your device (edge ai)

Available to solve problems from the cloud and from any device or machine. 

Standard, documented & supported rest api

Anaimo AI is a truly “API first” platform, everything can be done through standard REST API, with public documentation and support.

(*) In Anaimo AI resources are paid for their use, measured with high frequency to avoid overcosts to users. However, some applications are paid by monthly subscription.

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