Dramatically reduce the money that your financial entity must provision by calculating consecutive Value-at-Risk (VaR) and Expected Shortfall (ES) , using Anaimo’s Artificial Intelligence and Anaimo’s partner Xenxo Vidal’s innovative research method.

More money available

Reduce your provisions and have much more money available.

Control extreme events

Predict strange events and its cost to avoid shocks to your company.

Precise, fast, and reliable

More than conventional algorithms.

Exclusive method

Based on the research of Anaimo’s partner Xenxo Vidal.

Anaimo AI Platform Features

Proprietary neural network

Dynamic memory usage, multitasking and optimized for the hardware where it runs.

Problems solved faster & better (Automl & mlops)

Applications can focus only on the problem to be solved because the Anaimo AI platform takes care of everything else.

In the cloud or on your device (edge ai)

Available to solve problems from the cloud and from any device or machine. 

Standard, documented & supported rest api

Anaimo AI is a truly “API first” platform, everything can be done through standard REST API, with public documentation and support.