Create AI applications that are technology agnosticpowerfulfast

Probably your best option to easily develop, in your preferred language, powerful, flexible and technology agnostic cloud or edge AI solutions.
Want to know why?

Easy, for every programmer

No need of neither complex mathematic terms nor tremendous machine learning skills. Just easily develop Artificial Intelligence applications faster.

Powerful & Fast

Powerful to solve any challenge and up to approx. 7 times faster than Python & Numpy. Written in C, the fastest high-level language, and optimized for highly parallel computation. No challenge is complex enough for you with the Anaimo AI SDK. Push the limits.


You are free to create and manage flexible neural networks as needed: Anaimo AI SDK has simple, atomic and intuitive functions.

Cloud and premise (Edge AI)

Runs in the cloud or in your local device. Is your device not supported yet? Request Anaimo AI SDK for your device, we can build it fast.

Technology agnostic

Tired of ML needing specific frameworks as TensorFlow, Apache Spark, etc.?

Anaimo AI SDK is just a C library.

Use your preferred language

Use C, C++, C++/CLI, Visual Basic.NET, C#, F# and Python.

* The tests of some of these languages have been done with Linux Code::Blocks and Windows MS Visual Studio. Other IDEs and some of these languages have not been tested yet.

Fine tune and publish

Once you have your solution, you may need help to run multiple threads to take the most out of your computers, to find the best parameters (AutoML) and to publish it. The free Anaimo Artificial Intelligence User Platform* (MLOps) will do all that for you.

* Currently only available for partners under a beta test program.

Why users select the Anaimo AI SDK?


Powerful to solve any problem with AI.


Optimized for parallelism and High-performance computing (HPC).


Does not depend in any other technology or framework, as it is just a C library.

Multiple Processors

Available for Intel and AMD CPUs and, potentially, for any other processor (CPU, GPU, NPU, etc.).                                                               


Available for Python, C, C++, C#, VB.NET and more.

Cloud / Premise

Trains models on premise or on cloud.                                               

Multiple OS

Available for Windows, Linux, and, potentially, any other O.S.                              


Manufacturer provides continuous and direct support, even to SMEs, until the success of each specific challenge, improving the SDK if necessary.