Create AI applications that are powerfulfastflexible

Anaimo AI SDK is a complete kit to create and deploy powerful Artificial Intelligence applications written in C/C++, C#, VB.NET and more.

Software libraries (both 32 & 64 bits): Windows  Linux

NNViewer: Example of an application – complete, functional source code.

Optimized for computational high speed.

Cloud and premise (Edge AI)

Auto-adaptative: self-adapts its topology for faster & better performance.

Optimized in RAM & CPU

Download the free version for applications of less than 1000 neurons

Get your unlimited version for 990 € / year / device + VAT.
Including unlimited support and free version upgrade.

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Anaimo AI Platform Features

Proprietary neural network

Dynamic memory usage, multitasking and optimized for the hardware where it runs. 

Problems solved faster & better
(Automl & mlops)

Applications can focus only on the problem to be solved because the Anaimo AI platform takes care of everything else.

In the cloud or on your device (edge ai)

Available to solve problems from the cloud and from any device or machine. 

Standard, documented & supported rest api

Anaimo AI is a truly “API first” platform, everything can be done through standard REST API, with public documentation and support.