AI Vision 

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Captures, processes, learns and classifies images in real time, without any previous training, model or human intervention.
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Learns in real time

Let Anaimo AI Vision capture some labeled images, learn from scratch and quickly classify with high accuracy. Labels can come from integrated systems like MES (edinn or similar).

No manteinance

No need to retrain models or periodic maintenances.

Open source if needed

Open-source versions can be available using open-source libraries for image processing or object detection, on top of the Anaimo AI SDK.

Anaimo AI Solutions


Solve any challenge with AI.                                                                                


Optimized for parallelism and High-Performance Computing (HPC).


Available for Windows, Linux, CPUs, GPUs, and, potentially, any O.S. and device, when using the Anaimo AI SDK.


Available for Python, C, C++, C#, VB.NET and more, when using the Anaimo AI SDK.

Cloud / Premise

On premise and on cloud learning, even with “few-shots” and in real-time.


Continuous and direct support until the success of each challenge.